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Creative director
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Customer service
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Back office
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Worn  Torn  Reborn


The concept WORN TORN REBORN - reflects the internal process of the company WTR Concept Design AB. The idea, based on an ever-present vision of sustainable situations that gets the seal of quality included in all products the brand WICKED DESIGN stands for.


Our team grows

Mike Manzoor, is tied to the company as employee and shareholder. As Creative Director, Mike has left his mark on product development and design and has early realized the material's possibilities. Mike wants to create completely new experiences around the environments where the story shines through and points to the future.

This reinforces our ambition for the wicked design to constantly surprise and develop new products and to be able to contribute to the development of the whole and cohesive environment where the message can be traced to a well thought out idea. This includes drawing and planning of hotels, restaurants, corporate and public environments and spaces. We want to make the environment an experience with quality.


WTR Concept Design is facing an exciting journey

Our ambition is to deliver more than a physical product - we want to be cocreators of situations based on visions to create goals. By this we mean to participate in the live reality that exists in every customersituation. The company wants to be a common "we", by introducing its own products in harmony, in any environment and in any project initiated or in progress. We want to reach a consensus on what a sustainable quality is. Our target groups are individuals who are attracted to what we can deliver for their own environment, as well as companies and institutions who want to highlight the lasting quality in a thoughtful and wise "wicked" design.

Through experience available on various environments and industries, we are ready to meet the challenges that arise in a common future development.

Where the brand WICKED DESIGN -has a sustainable environmental outlook with unique and durable qualities.

Welcome to our world…